Creative Adventures Summer Program

Creative Adventures 2015Creative Adventures at Academy MetroWest, a summer program for children between the ages of 8 and 14, is based on a cooperative and non-competitive approach to children’s recreation and social skills development. When children are presented with opportunities to play in a way that emphasizes collaboration, fun, and participation, rather than confrontation, and winning or losing, they are often able to relax and enjoy themselves.

Registration for this popular program is open only to our school-year clients and their siblings until May 1, at which point applications from the general public are accepted.

Our Social Skills Development Summer Programs include many students with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Non-verbal Learning Disorder, Anxiety, learning disabilities, and other issues in which social skills delays play a prominent role. However, a formal mental health diagnosis is not required for participation in the social skills development summer programs at Academy MetroWest.

At Creative Adventures, the activities are structured in a cooperative manner that enables children to maximize their level of success. There is an active repertoire of over 150 Academy MetroWest-created, physically-oriented activities.

Our staff provides the children with many fresh and innovative ways to have fun while developing improved social skills. The structure of these activities encourages children to work together as a team and to learn about their role in a group. This structure, combined with close, nurturing relationships with professional counselors, often enables children to develop improved feelings of self-esteem and to have a stress-free, fun-filled summer. Campers and counselors work together to form an inclusive, supportive community that becomes a big source of support for all its members.

Creative Adventure campersCreative Adventures is designed for children looking for a summer, full-day recreational setting that is smaller and more personal than that found at traditional day camps but who may not need the level of structure and support found at a strictly therapeutic program. No more than 30 participants will be attending this program at any time. Because the program is small, staff members will be able to concentrate on establishing close relationships with each child. This assures that all children become integrated into the camp community and no one “falls through the cracks.”

Creative Adventures Summer Program can be a successful summer experience for the majority of participants in our school year, social skills program. However, there is some unstructured time during a typical camp day and, owing to the mobile nature of the program, transitions can occasionally be lengthy. If you have questions about whether or not Creative Adventures is likely to be a good fit for your child, please contact Academy MetroWest at 508-655-9200.

Recreational Activities
Our weekly schedule includes instructional and free swim, non-competitive and cooperative games, arts & crafts, field trips, team sports, and performing arts. Transportation to and from our site must be arranged by parents. Creative Adventures will not be providing transportation but will facilitate car-pooling.

Dates and Times
In 2019, Creative Adventures will operate for six weeks from July 8 to August 16. For the sake of continuity, you must enroll your child for a minimum of two consecutive weeks, plus any additional weeks desired. Enrollment is conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Program hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We do not offer enrollment for partial weeks. Campers must enroll for the full week

Tuition at Creative Adventures varies according to the duration of a camper’s stay. For those enrolling for a 2-3 week period, the fee is $625.00 per week. For those attending for 4-6 weeks, the fee is $585.00 per week. There is a sibling discount of $30 per week.

A non-refundable $30 registration fee is required.

Application Procedure

Creative AdventuresPlease call us at 508.655.9200 for an application and health form. Once you receive your application and health form, please return them, along with a $250 check, $30 of which is a non-refundable registration fee, payable to Academy MetroWest. Interviews can be arranged to determine whether or not Creative Adventures is an appropriate match for your child. A bill for the balance due will be sent to you with payment required in full by June 1. Please note that enrollment at Creative Adventures opens to the public in April based on availability. Prior to that, enrollment is open only to participants in the school-year program and their siblings.

Creative Adventures is based out of Academy MetroWest, 218 Speen St. in Natick. Facilities include a large gymnasium and indoor play area, and an arts & crafts room. We make extensive use of various state parks and local recreational facilities, including an outdoor pool complex where campers swim most days.

Creative Adventures is a resource for boys and girls aged 8 – 14. Children of all races, religions and ethnic backgrounds are accepted. Creative Adventures programs are available to persons with disabilities.

“It’s so incredibly hard as a parent to see a child struggle socially, as my child does. So to hear him reference ‘a friend’ at camp has warmed my heart. My dream for him isn’t wealth or even great grades; but instead, a handful of great friends. I think Academy MetroWest is the best way to try to attain that goal by making kids feel comfortable, accepted, and part of a group.”

– TG, former Academy MetroWest client