Quirky Couture

For many years, I’ve maintained (only half facetiously) that the best part of my job is that I’m able to wear jeans and a t-shirt to work. While I have no problem with wearing nicer outfits, comfort is a big deal for me when considering my wardrobe. In my work with kids, I spend lots of time chasing kids around, helping them through obstacle courses, and sometimes even wrestling with them. So wearing anything nice to work becomes a risky proposition.

I have some friends whose wives do all their clothes shopping. The wives go to the store, bring stuff home and say “Here. Wear this.” I’m not one of those guys. I can dress with some (limited) sense of style but often choose not to.

I only mention this as a lead-in to my first foray into the world of photojournalism. With no particular point in mind, I thought I’d share some of the fashion statements, broken down by category, made by some of the kids who attend Academy MetroWest. Of course, this is, by no means, a comprehensive selection of the fashion choices we see here every day. It’s just a collection of gems that jumped out at me this year.

1) The Random

Metal     HedgehogsBoard  Awkward

photo-2  photo



2) TV & Movies

GlowCloud    OnaShirt


3) Video Games



4) Mental Health



5) Minecraft

Creeper Creeper2

Minecraft3 Minecraft4 minecraftboss Minecraft2

CraftingTable  Periodic

6)….and my  favorite….


This one is my favorite not so much because of the wardrobe choice but because of the description this boy gave to me about it. He said “Well, my pants are camouflage so supposedly they make me hard to see. On the other hand, you can’t miss my shirt so I guess they cancel each other out!” Looking at the photo, it’s not exactly an outfit that the truly fashion conscious among us would ordinarily choose to wear. On the other hand, I was pretty impressed with the way my boy confidently let his freak flag fly!