Our staff is available to schools, parent groups, hospitals, professional associations, SePAC’s, and other human service agencies to consult on a number of topics including cooperative play &  activities, social skills groups, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Non-Verbal Learning Disorder.

School and Community Based Group Sessions

In school or community based group sessions, counselors from Academy MetroWest conduct activity groups within community agencies or school systems. Groups may be time-limited or open-ended and can be therapeutic or recreational in focus.


Organizations interested in pursuing in-depth consultation may be seeking to implement an ongoing activity group therapy program in their school or community. Staff members from Academy MetroWest are available for training as well as ongoing check-in and mentoring options.


Organizations interested in scheduling seminars or workshops are most often seeking a more concise presentation than those offered in the in-depth option. For schools or professional groups, administrators may wish to schedule these seminars as a means of providing professional development points for members of their staff. For SePAC’s and other parent groups, staff members from Academy MetroWest are available to speak about social skills, cooperative play, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and other topics.


Please contact our office for information on fees, packages, and special rates. We run workshops and seminars for parent groups and SePACs free of charge within the Metrowest area.


“As I thought about (my student) and the workshop you did at Williams, I think you need to broaden your training and set up some training programs for school people who deal with kids in transition. You could help train teachers to help develop the ‘sacred relationship’ needed to teach these young people who so often slip through the cracks. I just wanted you to know you are making a difference. Keep up this incredible work you are doing.”

Chandler Creedon, School Psychologist, Franklin Public Schools


“Thank you so much for speaking to our parents at the SePAC workshop. Your talk on kids and social skills, especially as related to ADHD and ASD, was so informative!” 

– JF, SePAC Coordinator




Some of Our Past and Present Clients


Network of Extended Day Directors (NEDDS)