Giving kids the skills they need to succeed

Mastering new social skills is key — a critical piece of the puzzle — for children who struggle to make friends.

At Academy MetroWest, our staff of professional counselors help kids improve the way they view themselves—  and the way they interact with others. We provide kids with a fun and supportive way to learn to make friends and become part of a welcoming and receptive community.

Our focus? We use a variety of cooperative physical activities and games in a gym-based setting. Our clients, children between the ages of six and 16, participate in groups that meet weekly during the school year.

At Academy MetroWest we strive to help children:

    • Improve self image & body image
    • Develop and enhance social skills
    • Build physical self-confidence
    • Increase frustration tolerance
    • Relax and reduce stress
    • Channel and focus energy constructively

Learn more about our social skills program and get answers to frequently asked questions.

“My son learned most everything he knows about cooperative interactions with peers from you. It has served him well in school where he has been able to make friends largely because of the skills he learned at Academy.”
– RT, former Academy MetroWest client